Professional Services Agreement


I, , hereinafter called, ''I'' or ''me'', hereby retain Banks Solutions, PLLC, hereinafter called ''Attorney'' to represent me in the following matter:

 We understand and agree to all the following conditions of representation:

Section  1.

My Attorney will not represent me in any legal matter whatsoever except the one specifically described above.  Should I have another legal problem not set out above, then I may consult with Attorney for assistance with that other legal matter, and my request concerning that other legal matter will be considered as any other initial request for services.

Section 2.

My Attorney represents my interests.  My Attorney does not represent the interests of any other business that may be related.

Section 3.

My Attorney will charge the agreed upon amount in the attached invoice for legal services.  I agree promptly to pay all such costs or fees upon request by my Attorney in the agreed using a payment method outlined in the invoice. Should I miss a payment deadline, I will be charged a weekly fee of $25 until payment is made.

Section 4.

I authorize my Attorney to take whatever measures are necessary and appropriate to represent me in the specific legal matter described in the first paragraph above.  It is my responsibility to tell my Attorney when I change my email address or telephone number so that I can be reached at all times.  I must promptly give to my Attorney any documents or information he or she may request of me, and I agree to cooperate fully with my Attorney in the preparation of my case.

Section 5.

Texas lawyers must advise clients that the ''State Bar of Texas investigates and prosecutes professional misconduct committed by Texas attorneys.  Although not every complaint against or dispute with a lawyer involves professional misconduct, the State Bar's Office of General Counsel will provide you with information about how to file a complaint; for more information, call 1-800-932-1900.''

Section 6.

I understand that I can fire my Attorney at any time by notification in writing to my lawyer.  In the event that I fire my Attorney, however, I understand that the Attorney will no longer represent me in the legal services outlined in paragraph 1.

Section 7.

(a)I understand my Attorney has the right to withdraw from the representation at any time with my consent; and at any time without my consent if he can do so without material adverse effect on my interests. In addition, my Attorney may withdraw without my consent if it becomes legally or ethically proper for my Attorney to do so.

(b)If I terminate representation or my Attorney, I will take all steps necessary to free my Attorney from any obligation to perform further, including executing any documents necessary to complete the termination of his/her representation of me. The Attorney will take steps that are ethically and reasonably practicable to protect my interests.

(c)My Attorney's representation of me will be considered terminated upon my Attorney’s completion of the services described above.

Section 8.

My Attorney has not made any promises or guarantees as to the particular outcome of my needs.  I understand that any legal matter takes time to complete and my Attorney has not made any representation to me as to how soon this matter will be resolved, with the exceptions of deadlines rendered to me by a government entity.

Section 9.

I will not abuse my Attorney or make unreasonable demands on his or her time or that of the Attorney's staff.  I agree to be courteous and respectful of my Attorney's staff.  I understand that the secretary, receptionist, paralegal, and other members of my Attorney's staff are not lawyers and they cannot give me legal advice.

Section 10.

Communications between me and my Attorney will be confidential, but only if I do not reveal the content of those communications to anyone else and only if no third party is present at the time I speak to my Attorney. My Attorney is permitted to discuss the matters of my case  with other Attorneys in efforts to elect the most advantageous approach for my case. My Attorney will consult me on all matters involved in my case except for those matters for which he or she has authority by virtue of the attorney-client relationship.  

We signed this Professional Services Agreement on the dates shown below.

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